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According to the Report of the ICRC, Cholera will be Doubled in Yemen by the End of 2017


As we all know Yemen is in the state of war and almost destroyed and faces every kind of problem including the health issues. The International Committee of the Red Cross counseled on Sunday that the cholera cases in Yemen will be doubled by the end of the 2017 and cases will be reached 600, 000.

And these facts and figures mean that one in every 45 Yemenis will have this disease.

The President of the ICRC Peter Maurer said: “The great tragedy is that this cholera outbreak is preventable, man-made humanitarian catastrophe. It is the direct consequence of a conflict that has devastated civilian infrastructure and brought the whole health system to its knees.” This is said by him during his five-day visit to the Yemen and he came to the Yemen to discuss the public-spirited condition of the country.

He further added that “I find this needless suffering absolutely infuriating. The world is sleepwalking into yet more tragedy.”

The healthcare system of the Yemen is in totally bad condition because the country is in the state of the war.

Most of the areas of the country are in the hands of the Houthi rebels which are supported by Iran and the forces which are supported by the Saudi-led military are continuously fighting and trying to retake those areas of the country.

And all these fighting has demolished the country sewage systems and water stations all across the country and this is the main cause of the rise of cholera, said by the report of the ICRC.

According to the World Health Organization and ICRC, the death rate reached to the 1, 800 since late April and 370, 000 people have fallen ill. And the number of dead people is due to cholera.

ICRC said that the country’s health system is not in this state that it can help or treat the people and many other diseases like dengue fever and malaria are also going untreated.

Mr. Maurer said: Further deaths can be prevented, but warring parties must ease restrictions and allow the import of medicines, food, and essential supplies and they must show restraint in the way they conduct warfare.”


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