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Alibaba Unveils Automated Delivery Bot


China well-known for its tech innovations, however, Chinese tech giant adding new innovation and setting the benchmark for themselves. Alibaba, Chinese retail giant has exposed two innovations at the Cainiao Network 2018; one is a driverless delivery robot and other is storage locker with face recognition. The company stated that its driverless delivery robot named G plus could serve a number of functions. Alibaba’s new invention hints future with more delivery conveniences.

Alibaba operates a diverse array of businesses across the world in numerous sectors and named as one of the world’s most admired companies by fortune.

Alibaba’s automated bot can travel at up to nine miles per hour. The G plus has extended stamina as compared to its predecessors. The G plus has loading boxes that can change size depending on the size of the package to be delivered.

Calum Chace, AI expert and creator depicted the G Plus as looking like the “revolting huge sibling” of a conveyance robot created by Starship technologies.

Calum Chace said, “Starship has been working on this project for several years, so the Alibaba project looks to be behind as well as ugly.”

Alibaba’s automated vehicle is the first solid-state LIDAR unmanned logistics vehicle of the world with a top speed of 9.3 miles per hour which reduces to 6.2 mph when it detects traffic. The vehicle equipped with three RS-LiDAR-M1Pres, producing the most powerful 3D perception.




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