A member of Volkswagen and German automobile manufacturer, Audi announced that it has stopped production of A6 model to manipulate emissions controls.

The source’s information stated that Audi’s latest model A6 is equipped with software that deliberately slows down the use of a special pollution-cleaning fluid of its lifespan.

Germany’s transport ministry was investigating the use of a new “illegal defeat device” in some 60,000 Audi cars, those are driving on German roads. The company said that soon it will release a statement over the issue.

One of the most widely read German-language news websites, Spiegel wrote, “An official recall for at least the affected Audi cars registered on German roads is highly likely.” Further, it added, “Production of the model has been halted in the meantime.”

It is not the first time that Audi has been accused of AdBlue tampering. Volkswagen is facing the threat of mass recalls over similar accusations in February.

The asserted AdBlue trick contrasts from the one that started Volkswagen’s “dieselgate” emergency in 2015 when the auto monster confessed to introducing programming in approximately 11 million diesels worldwide that could distinguish when a vehicle was experiencing contamination tests.