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Beijing expected to shut down over 1000 manufactures by 2020


Exclusive reports show that at the moment the capital city of China, Beijing is currently shutting down multiple manufacturers all over the country. According to the reports, China’s capital is running a program which is aimed at reducing industrial smog and more so increasing productivity and increasing income at large. From the report, Beijing is expected to have shut down over 1000 manufactures by the beginning of 2020.

According to reports by government official concerned with industrial development within the country said that the government is currently investigating and deciding on which manufactures to retain and which to shut down. Considering that China is among the top countries with extensive industries and manufacturing plants, then most of the activities carried within the country are concerned with manufacturing or rather industrialization.

Beijing currently is focused on high tech and dynamic industries. Considering the change in technology in the world’s market, then China’s capital has analysed and has decided to pull out the ordinary manufacturing plants and retain the high tech and dynamic industries. This according to China will not only increase productivity but also ensure good utilization of economic resources in the productivity sector.

According to reports by the registration offices, the city already has rejected more than 20,000 registration applicants wishing to be part of the manufacturing world in China. In addition, Beijing has also relocated over 3,000 industries all over the country. This relocation, however, is done to ensure heavy industries are reduced and merged together to increase the production within the country.

The shutting down whatsoever was initiated by the government with the aim of creating a new integrated communication and transportation system. According to the government, the shutting down of the non-profitable company and setting up this new integrated system will raise the incomes by nearly 40%.

More so the shutting down of this manufactures will reduce pollution and overextended resource which the government strains to allocate to every manufacturing plant within the country. However the shut up of this industry with creating space for education facility setup and other welfare facilities all over the country.


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