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Best in The Internet Security Research Is The NDSS Highlights


There is much news about the internet security susceptibilities and instances could lead one to hopelessness for the future of the internet. But without the secure and trustworthy internet, the quality research is not possible. And NDSS said that their aim is to provide quality academic research that is available to everyone.

And because of the best service of the NDSS Internet Society is gratified of its link and support for the Network and Distributed System Security (NDSS) Symposium. The amazing quality of the NDSS is that one can have access to the quality research papers from over twenty years are available on Internet Society website. These research papers are dating back to the year 1977. And the good news for its users is that in the year 2017, NDSS was the biggest to date as it has 68 academic papers, two workshops, and two keynotes. And two-track conference and recorded the presentations also run for the very first time by the NDSS in 2017. And they give the opportunity to all to check and get knowledge through their available recordings online and this opportunity is present on their new YouTube channel.

And the NDSS is not stopped here and they are busy and doing hard work for the Organizing Committees for a successful NDSS 2018. The deadline for submission for the Call For Papers is 11TH August 2017. A very inspiring program to conduct the demanding evaluation of the submissions of the NDSS 2018 Program Co-Chairs, Patrick Traynor from the University of Florida and Alina Opera from Northeastern University have finalized it.

And the Call for Workshops with the submission by 31 August 2017 has announced by the Workshop Co-Chairs, Mathias Payer from Prude University and Mathew Smith from the University of Bonn. And a new step by them is taken this year and that is they are lobbying both full and half day tenders to add bonus assortment to the workshop program.

And finally, the Internet Society is imploring partners to help support this amazing and precious conference. And the good thing is that on the NDSS sponsorship information page there are many chances of sponsorship defined. So, the chances and opportunities are open for the NDSS success.


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