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China among Worst Human Trafficking Offenders Lists by the US


China is on the list of worst human trafficking offenders and this is lists by the President Donald Trump administration. And this hit was made in China on Tuesday and he puts the country alongside North Korea and Sudan.

China is degraded by the State Department of U.S. in its annual “Trafficking in Persons Report” saying that Beijing is doing little to contest the phenomenon or protect its victims. In this report it pointed the ethnic Uighurs, which is the Muslim minority in the China’s West, being pressed into forced labor and to Beijing’s wholesale deportation of North Koreans without checking to see if they were trafficking victims.

When the report is unveiled in Washington by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson he said: “Beijing does not fully meet the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking and is not making significant efforts to do so.”

On the launch of the annual report the daughter of the President Donald Trump named Ivanka Trump said that “Human trafficking is a pervasive human rights issue.” And “Ending human trafficking is a major foreign policy priority for the Trump administration.”

On the launch, White House assistant and the president’s daughter said it is the responsibility of the all the governments to accuse human traffickers.

Lu Kang the China’s foreign ministry spokesman hit before the release of the report by saying “China is firmly against the US making irresponsible remarks about another nation’s anti-human trafficking work according to its domestic law.”

He also gave a regular news briefing hours earlier that China is opposing human trafficking and it was willing to work with all countries to crack down on such crimes.

The State Department report placed the Congo Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Guinea, and Mali on its list of 23 “Tier 23” countries with worst human trafficking records. And these countries include Iran, Russia, Syria, and Venezuela.

The Mali and DR Congo were singled out for not taking action against the use of the child fighters. And the Congo Republic was named as the key source and terminus country for the trafficking of children, men and women into forced labor and sex networks.

Tillerson said, “When state actors or non-actors use human trafficking it becomes a threat to our national security.” And he further added, “We hope 21st century will be the last century of human trafficking.”




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