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Cobras Found in can of Potato Chips in California


The world is full of different news and some of them are so much different that they shocked us. And that kind of news is revealed by the US officials. They arrested a man from California because they found three live cobras inside the potato chips can which are merchandise by this man.

The man named, Rodrigo Franco aged 34, he was arrested in Los Angeles and he was also accused of unlawfully smuggling supply.

The cobras which are found in the potato chips can are about two-feet long discovered by the customs officials. They found these cobras while they are checking a package that was sent by this man Franco from Hong Kong in the month of March.

Besides from Cobras this shipment also has three albino Chinese soft-shelled turtles.

The federal agents take the snakes because of the safety reason and the turtles were given to Mr. Franco at his home which in the Monterey Park, California.

As the agents have the search warrant they check the home of Mr. Franco and what they found was amazing. A live baby Morelet’s crocodile, a common snapping turtle, alligator snapping turtle, and five diamond back terrapins all these were in a children’s bedroom. All these were taken under the US law.

The US authorities said about this man that he has connected with a man in Asia through text messages about shipping the turtles between the US and Hong Kong.1

During the research officials found in those text messages that before that he also received live cobras and he has the plan to give five of them to his relative in Virginia.

He confessed in front of US Fish and Wildlife Service agent that previously he imported 20 king cobras in another shipment. The court document shows that all of them died.

If sentenced, 20 years of jail would be faced by Mr. Franco.

The Cobras which were found in the can be taken care at the San Diego Zoo but one of them died and the reason is unknown. This information is given by the officials to the Los Angeles Times.


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