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Elder Care: Things You Should To Know About

elder care
elder care

As baby boomers age, more and more attention is being paid to the concepts of elder care and elder law.

What is elder care? Elder care is an area of law and legal practice that focuses on the needs of the elderly.  Aging individuals have a unique set of needs.  In the past, these were all handled by family.  But, as the family structure has changed and adult children do not necessarily house and care for their parents, the need for an elder law attorney in Toms River has changed.

Elder care attorneys have many areas of concern.  The first and most obvious is providing estate planning services to the aging.  These attorneys provide insight on powers of attorney, health care powers of attorney, wills and living and Medicaid trusts.  They are also involved in long term care, nursing home care questions, negotiating with both public and private resources to provide care for the elderly, rights of the elderly and guardianship questions.

Why is elder care important?  As baby boomers age, changes in health and finances often requires a change in life style.   Advance planning for these changes is important, but often is overlooked.  Failing health and diminished mental capacity often means adult children must make hard decisions on behalf of their parents who may not welcome or agree with them.

Why have elder care lawyers?  An elder law attorney Red Bank NJ is uniquely experienced to step into a family situation and protect the rights and needs of the elderly.  Often a situation will degenerate into emotional, physical or sexual abuse of the elderly.  A family member can unknowingly cross the line into an abusive or exploitive situation without realizing it.  Elder law attorneys in Toms River and Red Bank are able to maintain their objectivity while analyzing problems and offering solutions to them.

Elder care attorneys maintain their focus on senior citizens, and have developed tools and strategies designed for this age group.  They often have a holistic approach to the challenges, taking financial, legal and health questions into consideration.  They know well the barriers and challenges that face seniors.

In addition, these attorneys work at developing their own network of contacts in the fields of social services, psychology, geriatric medicine and finances.

What is special about their knowledge?  Elder care attorneys maintain practices that keep them current on laws and changes to laws and taxes.  They are involved with the preservation of assets along with application of current social security and long term care alternatives and possibilities.  Many have years of experience in veterans’ needs and benefits.

These attorneys have developed knowledge in all areas of elder care.  They have long term practices.  When evaluating an elder law attorney in either Toms River or Red Bank, look for attorneys involved in the community.  Attorneys in general practice are happy to provide referrals to practicing attorneys in this area.

Providing guidance to adult children who find they must function as the parents of their own parents is a challenge.  It is hard to maintain objectivity and make end of life and long term decisions.  Working with an elder lawyer in Toms River can make those challenges easier to handle.



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