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Employers Have to Pay More to Recruit New Staff


According to the latest survey, many of the UK employers have to pay “well above the market” to catch out the new employees over the past year. This is because of the skills shortage intensifies.

A survey by the Open University in which 400 firms are included, said that it is very difficult to find the workers with the skills they demanded or needed.

According to the distance learning university, the problem was costing companies more than £2bn a year.  It is also said that this uncertainty nearby Brexit was aggravating the skills gap.

It is also found in this survey that the people were unwilling to move employer, while EU nationals did not want to take a UK role because of the lack of clarity over future colonization rules.

One can imagine this number of the workers according to the official statistics as the EU workers in the UK fell by 50, 000 to 2.3 million in the last three months of last year. According to the record which began since the year 1975 the unemployment is at its lowest rate.

It is clarified through this survey that the firms are taking more time than usual to recruit new staff. So the result is that many of the firms are hiring temporary staff and also pay the additional recruitment fees. And also the higher salaries.

The survey of the 56% of the firms said that they have to increase the salary to the get the skills they needed over the past year. And for the small and medium-sized firms, the increase was £4, 150 and for the larger firms is was £5, 575. All these statistics are according to the survey.

The solution to this problem is given by The Open University, the University gives advice to firms that to solve this issue it is important to train the staff internally through apprenticeships.

And from the month of May, employers have been able to draw vouchers and creating three million new apprenticeships. And a new fund is also creating for it.

The external engagement director of The Open University named Steve Hill said: “Now faced with shrinking talent pool, exacerbated by the uncertainties of Brexit, it is more important that employers invest in developing their workforce.”




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