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Fast Charging of Mobile Phones Through Candy Cane Super Capacitor


You want quick charging of your mobile phones, just in minutes and seconds then this amazing technology is for you. Super capacitor promises to recharge your phones in just a few minutes. Now there is no need to wait for hours for the batteries to recharge.

There are some other technologies like that also but they are not as good as this super capacitor is because other technologies shack the performance along with quick charging and they are also not very flexible.

To tackle all these issues and to eliminate these problems the researchers at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) and the University of Cambridge have found the solution just in a first experiment.

They prototyped a polymer electrode, which is similar to the candy cane which we see slung on Christmas tree, and this get power storage close to theoretical limit plus it also validates flexibility and pliability to charge/discharge cycling.

And the best thing about this technique is that it can be applied to many materials and it can be used for the quick charging of smart clothes, implantable devices, and mobile phones.

This research is published also and this is published in ACS Energy Letters.

The process of this technology is that pseudocapacitance is the specialty of the polymer and it contains super capacitors which allow ions to get inside the material and then box more charge than carbon. And it stores the charge as concentrated close to the surface.

Mr. Stoyan Smoukov who is the project leader said about their project that, “Our super capacitors can store a lot of charges very quickly, because the thin active material (the conductive polymer) is always in contact with a second polymer which contains ions, just like the red thin regions of a candy cane are always in close proximity to the white parts. But this is on much smaller scale.”

He added, “This interpenetrating structure enables the material to bend more easily, as well as swell and shrink without cracking, leading to greater longevity. This one method is like killing not just two, but three birds with one stone.”

An amazing technology by these researchers which brings easiness to the life of the people as their problem of charging will be done in just seconds.


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