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Hino Motors World-First Emergency Braking-Response System


Tokyo-based manufacturer of commercial vehicles, Hino Motors has come up with World’s first emergency response system enabling passengers to automatically stop a bus by pushing a button in an emergency. The automaker said that HINO Bus will be the first commercial vehicle to have that system in the event of driver heart attack or sudden driving injury.

The sources stated that for the first time in the world such a function to be put to practical use in commercial vehicles. Hino Motors Japan planning to install this system in large tour buses from June 2018. The system is also known as the Driver Abnormality Response System.

Hino Motors said, “In an accident caused by a sudden illness of a driver or the like, the vehicle may continue traveling while losing control – secondary damage, such as deviation to the opposite lane, or collision with a guardrail or the like, may occur.”

The company provides the buttons above the front passenger seats on right as well as left side, so when the button is pushed, vehicle horn sounds to alert people outside of the bus and it gradually decreases speed until coming to a stop. The company said it is currently working on safety technology development based on a policy of “actively contributing to zero traffic accident casualties”.

Hino Motors is a leading producer of medium and heavy-duty diesel trucks in India. It is one of 16 major companies of the Toyota Group and subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation.


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