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In Call for Softer Brexit Business Bodies Come Together


The five of key United Kingdom business bodies have come together to call for continued access to the European single market until a final Brexit deal is made with the EU.

They also ask the government to “put the economy first,” in a letter to the Business Secretary Greg Clark. And this letter is from the British Chambers of Commerce, Confederation of British Industry, EEF, Federation of Small Businesses and Institute of Directors. And the formal Brexit negotiations between the EU and the UK begin on Monday.

The signatories say that the “economic benefits” of the European Union single market, which allows free movement of goods, services, capital and people, and the customs union, which enables tariff-free trading within the EU, should be maintained until a final settlement between the UK and the EU is “agreed and implemented”. They have also called for the ultimate trade deal that allow tariff-free goods to be traded between the United Kingdom and the EU.

Other than that they also want that this deal include “minimal customs formalities”. Joint recognition of values and guideline, and a “flexible system” for the movement of labor and skills.

The letter to Mr. Clark says “We have come together to urge the government to put the economy first as it prepares to start formal negotiations”.

“This is a deal that when finally agreed will matter fundamentally for the UK economy, for UK companies and for the citizens of the UK”.

And the Monday negotiation between Brexit Secretary David Davis and EU negotiator Michel Barnier follow preliminary talking’s in Brussels between officials.

It is hoping that this will bring best to the UK economy, the companies and the UK citizens. The final result will


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