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In Spanish Festival a School Girl is Gored by a Bull


A sad incident happens in Spanish festival when all the people were enjoying. A little school girl aged 14, was standing near the protective barriers when a bull attack on her. The bull did not give time to her that she protected herself with barriers and gore her on her legs.

A kind man who tried to save that girl from bull attracted the bull with the red cap and this man also faces an ankle injury, which needs medical treatment.

This cute little-injured girl agonized wounds on both her thighs after being attacked by the bull. This accident happened during the run in Isso, a little colony in the south-eastern city of Hellin. She was soon taken to the hospital in Hellin and gone through surgery before being shifted to the Albecet clinic.

The local news channel of Spain 20 Minutos said that the girl’s condition is now stable and she is out of danger now.

The mayor of the city Hellin has accused “recklessness” for this incident, and he claimed he had safeguarded all security actions were taken in the groundwork of the Bull Run.

Roman Gracia the mayor of Hellin said: “As unfortunately happens on many occasions when there is recklessness, accidents of this type occur.”

This sad accident happened on the afternoon of Sunday.

Bull running is one of the world’s most debated activities because it has injured hundreds of people around the world and many people killed at these festivals every year. Many of the people injured every year so as in the year 2017 also.

The activists of the animal rights are strongly against the bull running and they insisted that this must be banned. They said that this situation put stress on the bull and bull can die because of the trauma they are facing in festivals like these.

So, bull running is harmful to both human and the bull and it must be banned for the safety of the lives of the humans and the animal.


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