An American Job listing site, Indeed launched its first technology hub in Singapore. It joins San Francisco, Tokyo and Seattle will work as the key technology center for the firm.

The new hub to form approximately 50 software engineers’ roles in upcoming two years. The new roles also include quality assurance managers, data scientists and UX designers and product managers.

Indeed’s new technology hub will be led by Andrew McGlinchey who is responsible for establishing Indeed’s technology capabilities in Singapore. McGlinchey will be joining from Indeed’s Tokyo office.

The technology hub ties up with several universities in Singapore to offer a local technology talent pipeline. It also establishing mentorship and talent rotation programmes with its global offices which will benefit youngster to upskill their talent.

Andrew McGlinchey said, “I’m excited to build the technology team in Singapore. Many times, engineers on big projects only get to work on a small piece of a larger tool without being able to see the bigger picture or the impact of their work.”

Further, Andrew added, “At Indeed, we’re big enough to have the right resources and mentors to support the team. However, we’re also small enough to be able to offer everyone the opportunity to drive projects end-to-end and see how the software they build enables job seekers to find their dream role and employers to find the right talent for their organization.”

According to the McGlinchey, Singapore is emerging as one of the big winners in the global technology talent race also acting as a regional hub for many local and international companies.

As per the Sources information the new technology hub eyes on new projects to offer great salaries as well as compensation amount for employee and job-seekers.