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Japanese Airlines Retitle Taiwan as China Taiwan


Officials said that Japan’s two largest airlines, Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways referred ‘Taiwan’ as ‘China Taiwan’ on their Chinese-language websites.

According to the Japanese Airlines the change was made on June 12 which is meant to accommodate customers, however, the description remains ‘Taiwan’ on their websites in Japanese and other languages.

A spokesperson at Japan Airlines said, “We made the judgment while consulting and reporting to the transport ministry and foreign ministry.”

Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways expressed that they had not gotten any challenge from Taiwan up until this point, however, Japan’s open supporter NHK announced Taiwan’s outside service would stop a grievance with the aircraft through Japan’s true conciliatory mission in Taipei.

As the change was made on June 12, the date of the historic summit between North Korea and the United States, however, the sources stated that the events were unrelated.

All Nippon Airways spokesman said, “The change was intended to make the description easy to understand and acceptable for customers when they use our websites.”

Two Japanese aircraft are not by any means the only universal who have rolled out the improvement, as the sources expressed that Australia’s Qantas protecting its choice to list Taiwan as a major aspect of China.

The relationship between China and Japan are much better after years of acrimony over territorial and historical issues.




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