Sydney-based cloud service provider, JCurve Solutions announced that it has acquired BDP software company Riyo for $600,000 to match its existing enterprise resource planning business. The acquisition expected to be finalized on 31 May.

JCurve Solutions stated that Riyo platform has been successfully piloted with two enterprise customers in Australia on May 14, 2018. It is a platform to provide on-demand or scheduled booking services to businesses. Its software platform caters to the service industry with its booking, dispatch and payment functionality. The system is used by businesses that handle on-demand or scheduled installations over a few businesses.

JCurve Chief Executive Stephen Canning said, “The acquisition of the Riyo software platform adds to our growing suite of solutions. We are purchasing a robust, scalable, industry standard technical architecture which has been successfully tested through product trials.”

Further, Stephen added, “The software platform could be rolled out in its current state or may be developed into other verticals and integrated into our ERP offerings.”

Riyo Chief Executive Adam Kundrat said, “The Riyo software platform is a disruptive technology which has multiple potential commercial applications. Customers demand convenience, transparency, and engagement in a single, mobile experience.”

Last year, JCurve Solution posted a profit before tax loss of $161,864, overall the company closed the half year with a net profit after tax of $393,427.