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Johnson & Johnson Faces Talc Case


A woman accused Johnson & Johnson that she developed ovarian cancer because of the use of the baby talc so, Johnson & Johnson has been ordered to pay $417m to that woman. The jury of California makes this decision and lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson that the company did not inform the consumers about the risk of cancer by using its talc or baby powder.

Well, the firm of Johnson 7 Johnson has the plan to appeal against this case. And a spokesman for the firm defended its product, the name of that spokesman is Carol Goodrich and he said: “We will appeal today’s verdict because we are guided by the science.”

The headquarter of the Johnson & Johnson is in New Jersey and the firm receive thousands of statements from different women who say that they face ovarian cancer due to the use of the firm’s talcum powder. And their blood test shows ovarian cancer early.

The company is saying that they will make an appeal against this case but we can see the firm already lost four to five cases in Missouri before this case. And because of those lost cases, Johnson & Johnson pay more than $300m penalties.

The recent case was of the woman named, Eva Echeverria who is 63 years old and she said that when she was 11 years old she started using Johnson & Johnson talcum powder and 10 years ago she diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She said that she stopped using this powder in the year 2016 when she read the story of another woman who used talcum powder and developed ovarian cancer.

The lawsuit suspected that the company has the knowledge of the risk of the cancer due to the use of talcum powder but the company obscured this from the public. So, the firm faces $70m in compensatory harms and $347m in disciplinary damages.

These cases increase many questions regarding the use of the talcum powder on genitals. Because all the cases show that it increases the risk of ovarian cancer. It is must that it should be a warning label on the product for the safety of the public because cancer is not the small disease. And it is more shocking that such a renowned company’s product has these issues.


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