The collaborative workspace and business club and the downtown creative ecosystem, Spring appointed Matthew Starker as the new president of media and original content. The business club seems poised to rev up its output of original content.

Matthew Starker will be responsible for the creation, production, distribution, operations, development, and monetization of all Spring original content. Previously, Matthew Starker worked at Condé Nast as the general manager of digital where he was responsible for content distribution management, business development, corporate acquisitions and post-deal integrations, cross-brand editorial; digital strategy, and profit.

Starker helped dispatch the advanced arm of Condé Nast Entertainment, which oversees delivering and appropriating unique TV, film and computerized video for the organization.

Spring Chairman Francesco Costa said, “There’s a massive untapped opportunity at Spring to develop distinctive and essential content to reach the ever-expanding Spring community across all media formats and platforms.” Francesco Costa revealed Starker’s appointment with Spring Studio’s chief executive officer Rich Yaffa.

Further, Francesco added, “Matt’s experience in media and content creation, paired with his strategic expertise, makes him a natural choice to oversee the launch of this new venture.”

Matthew Starker expressed his feeling with the statement, “I’m incredibly excited to have the chance to build this business for Spring.” Furthermore, he said, “Spring has positioned itself well in the marketplace and has two established divisions that naturally accelerate the launch and growth of the media division. I can’t wait to start sprinting.”