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Now personalized Medicines Will Become Reality


The healthcare researchers have helped the patients in many ways in the past and still, they are working for the betterment of the patients. A new roadmap is given by the researchers of health and they said that they have a plan for the personalized drugs available for the patients in the coming future. The team is currently involved in the pilot study in Netherland. They are preparing guideline and a roadmap for this plan and the important points of this plan is.

  • Doctors could make drug in-house, according to the patient’s personal data
  • Process would save a lot of money and time

The team elaborated that technology is already available to make drugs personalized to the chemistry of the individual patients. These so-called personalized medicine or drugs are based on the data like genetic code. They further said that they have a great hope that these drugs will work really better with the patient’s body chemistry, providing more effective treatment, reduced the chances of side-effects, than mass-produced medicines.

They further said that there is a lot of work done in this field to develop such therapies but we can’t deny or escape from many hurdles and obstacles which we faced through this process and those were the regulatory and economic hurdles. And it is very crucial to overcoming these obstacles.

“It becomes evident that the current pharmaceutical system is too complicated, too expensive, and too inflexible to support the individual tailored to individual patients”. This is said in the commentary by the researchers at the Utrecht University in the Netherlands.

Utrecht University pharmaceutical researcher Huub Schellekens said that under the “Magistral model” doctors will pull information about the patient’s individual biological makeup, and it will get with the help of analyzing the blood sample than taking the information to colleagues in the same clinic or hospital and order a specialized drug for the patient.

These medicines would not be marketed to the general public so, they would not need to get the marketing authorizations normally needed in too many countries. This will save a lot of money because a drug maker and healthcare provider would be collapsed into one entity.

The other positive point is the savage of time because a single drug will take time of just a few weeks rather than several years. So this would be a great step in providing better healthcare.


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