World’s leader in 3G and next-generation mobile technologies, Qualcomm shake hand with Social Networking Service Facebook to deliver fast internet in urban areas by 2019. Qualcomm declared that it will add the 60Ghz tech with plans to start trials in the middle of next year.

Qualcomm said in the statement, “It is based on the pre-802.11ay standard with enhancements provided by the Qualcomm Technologies’ chipset and the integrated software between Facebook and Qualcomm Technologies to support efficient outdoor operation and avoid interference in dense environments.”

In late 2016, Facebook’s Wi-Fi plan would use antennas on light poles and other city structures to bring Wi-Fi to the area, however, the technology is also supposed to be able to divert online traffic and heavy congestion on the Wi-Fi network.

Facebook’s vice president of connectivity, Yael Maguire said, “With Terragraph, our goal is to enable people living in urban areas to access high-quality connectivity that can help create new opportunities and strengthen communities.”

Aside from this, the chip maker has presented TDMA-based protocols channel holding and massive antenna array systems to Terragraph to manage scope issues regularly found in urban zones, for example, wide structures.

Facebook and the Telecom Infra Project declared a few venture series intended to handle non-existent Internet associations in country and underserved areas.