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Reason behind New Zealand’s Youth Increasing Suicide Rate


The latest report by Unicef gives a shocking statistic, New Zealand has the highest youth suicide rate in the developed world so far. This country is already been struggling with another form of isolation-depression and suicide. But the rate of suicide among its youth is increasing day by day. This is not the first time that this country is top of the list of suicide rate of youth among developed countries.

The report of Unicef found the suicide rates among the teenagers between 15 and 19 of the country New Zealand. This is the highest and long list of OECD and EU countries. And the rate is 15.6 suicides per 1000, 000 people are twice as high as the US rate and most shocking almost five times that of Britain.

The expert Dr. Prudence Stone of Unicef New Zealand said there is the combination of reasons behind this rate and it is very important not only focus on one statistic. This rate can be tied to the other data like child poverty, rates of teenage pregnancies and the children of those families where their parents are not working.

Shaun Robinson of the Mental Health Foundations New Zealand says New Zealand also has “one of the world’s worst records for bullying in school,” he further said there is s “toxic mix” of the high rate of family violence, child abuse and child poverty that strongly need to be taken into account to solve this issue of increasing suicide rate among youth.

The own statistics of New Zealand unveil the suicide rates highest for young Maori and Pacific Islander men. “This shows us there are also issues around cultural identity and the impact of colonization,” Shaun said.

Almost all the western countries in the world are fighting with the serious issue of depression as this is increasing among their masses day by day and maybe this issue is more in the New Zealand than in other countries. It cannot say that there is no support to resolve this issue but the issue is that this problem has over-stretched.

Mr. Robinson explains that the demand for the services to solve this issue has risen up to 70% over the last decade but the number of the suicide-related callout by the police is gone up to 30% in the past four years only.

So the need of the time is to give more attention to this issue and try to resolve it because youth is the future of any country and life of the human is very important.




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