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The Nation Where Risk of Mass Killing Rose Most in 2016 as Nation is Yemen


On Thursday, Yemen was named as the nation where the risk of genocide or mass killing rose most last year. Syria topped an annual “Peoples Under Threat” index for the third consecutive year.

Helpless people were at risk in a growing number of no-go zones around the world with an absence of access from outside world allowing killing to go unchecked said by the Index, by human rights group Minority Rights Group International (MRG).

The report comes from the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeif Ra’ad Al Hussein last month destined some governments for rejecting contact to UN officials while a study this week showed the UN has succeeded in averting wars.

Threats rose most prominently in Yemen last year with the unpremeditated Arab country overwhelmed by a civil war between its legitimate government, supported by the Saudi-led alliance, and Iran –allied Houthi rebels, found by 12th MRG index. Up to 10, 000 people have died since the war began in March 2015 and millions of the people are facing starvation, estimated by UN.

MRG’s executive director Mark Lattimer said in a statement: “International isolation is a known factor for genocide or mass killing.”

In the list of the 70 countries where people are seen as being at risk Yemen was listed as number eight. Yemen was behind the countries named, Somalia, Syria, Sudan, Afghanistan, South Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

In Yemen, humanitarian laws have been violated on both sides of the conflict, according to the report of MRG. The US state department said on Wednesday in its worldwide annual report on terrorism that Iran was the “foremost state sponsor of terrorism in 2016.” And the other countries are Nigeria, Libya, Eritrea, and Turkey.

Mr. Lattimer said: ‘If the governments are increasingly evading international scrutiny, this is the serious concern.”


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