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Uber To Launch Rental Car Service


The ride-hailing company, Uber shake hands with Getaround for launching a rental car service inside its app. The company also announced its bike expansion into Washington, D.C. Uber’s rental car service about to lunch later this month in San Francisco.

A Peer-to-peer carsharing service, Getaround allows the user to find and immediately book vehicles from private car owners through a mobile app. The partnership allows the user to rent someone’s car for short amount of time. So, the user can sign up, reserve and unlock a car from the Getaround platform through Uber App.

The deal between two companies comes as Uber extends past its lead on-request rides and into different methods of nearby transportation. Additionally, Uber declared an organization with London-based Masabi, a portable ticketing organization that Uber said will enable clients to book and utilize open travel tickets specifically inside the Uber application.

Khosrowshahi said at the press event in D.C, “Whether you’re using mass transit for your morning commute, taking an e-bike for a mid-day meeting, using Pool to take a ride home or renting a car for the weekend.” Further, he said, “we want Uber to be there with you and we want to partner with cities to be part of our solution moving forward.”

Getaround works in 10 US urban areas, including San Francisco, Chicago, Washington DC, Boston, and Los Angeles. The company offerings side menu will show up through an in the Uber application and users will be able to find and unlock an available car from their phones using wireless technology.

Getaround co-founder and CEO Sam Zaid said, “Most of a person’s transportation needs can be met by coupling ridesharing for quick trips with car-sharing for trips with multiple stops or longer getaways.” Further, he added, “It’s the perfect combination for people who have chosen to live car-free.”

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