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Walmart is Acquiring Indian Tech Start-Ups after Closing the Previous Contract with Flipkart


Walmart at the moment is looking for firms and companies in India for new start-ups after the contract between Walmart and Flipkart ended. According to the management at Walmart, the companies and firms in search are to handle relatively small project unlike the initial company, Flipkart which had signed a large contract with Walmart.

This companies will be assigned smaller project in the technology sector and Walmart laboratory. Flipkart, being one of the greatest e-commerce firm in India registered a greater outcome in the previous technology sector. At the moment, Walmart has partnered with Flipkart in search of outstanding companies in India for provision of technological services in this new era.

According to Walmart, Technology is changing fast, this means few years to come many of the services provided by Walmart will be of high tech hence the need to partner with Flipkart so that this to can establish connection with exclusive firms and companies in India which can handle small-sized projects.

Considering the Acquit-hire done by Walmart, the chief technologist said that after multiple acquisition, research and testing never bared fruit. In short nothing seems fit. This tech tests and acquisition carried out by Walmart was mainly done to determine the level of competition from other companies and also determine the stiffness of the market.

As we speak, Walmart being a big company has employed over 2500 engineers in different sectors across all its branches and across the world. This according to Walmart is an achievement. According to Mr Hari, one of the employees in Bengaluru, also the acting head of data science technology said in an interview that Walmart has expanded all its work force and has up to now managed to pull together a greater place within the marketplace.

Nevertheless, the greatest work force is anticipated to come from India since most of industries in India invest in technology and more so the population size within entire India is relatively huge. Walmart is expecting to subsidise its resources mostly on the start-up tech firms in India. More so considering the payment in India, engineers from India re cheaper compared to any other part with the globe.


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