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Xi Jinping as the President of Taiwan Referred by the Donald Trump Team


The Chinese leader Xi Jinping referred mistakenly by the White House as the president of Taiwan. This mistake was done just hours after Donald Trump spoke of his “wonderful relationship” with Mr. Xi.

With Mr. Xi Jinping the U.S. leader at the G20 summit in the Hamburg, Germany spent almost 90 minutes and in that time they were discussing trade and the nuclear risk from North Korea.

He struck a friendly harmony with the Communist Party chief, telling him it was “an honor to have you as a friend” ahead of a highly projected meeting.

But an official record of the occasion, released by the White House, referred to Mr. Xi as the president of “The Republic of China,” which is the official name of Taiwan.

China’s experts teased the mix-up, who pointed out that Taiwan’s leader Tsai Ing-wen is a constitutionally elected woman, and is considered a political opponent of Mr. Xi.

He tweeted: “I remember when Bush Admin announced the anthem wrong, but this is pretty bad.”

The academic was referring to a diplomatic gaffe in the year 2007 when Mr. Bush’s team played Taiwan’s national anthem as a Chinese ambassador attended the opening ceremony of a China-financed Stadium on the island of Grenade in the Caribbean.

“Ouch. White House just referred to Xi Jinping as leader of the Republic of China, which is Taiwan. #AmateurHour,” Chris Lu, tweeted, who worked in former president Barack Obama’s White House team.

Sean Spicer who is the Press Secretary, his office released the official transcript, and in that transcript, it is quoted that the President Donald Trump talking about China as a “great trading partner.”

Well, it is not clear that how the gaffe could affect relations between the pair which have been stressed at times since Mr. Trump took office.

The U.S. leader looked to have generated a potentially negative diplomatic row with China after speaking to Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen, soon after his presidential inauguration. It is claimed by the China that Taiwan is their territory and Mr. Trump upset decades of the diplomatic standard.

Well, now it is seen that the pair seemed to have repaired relations after Mr. Jinping visited the US leader at his Mar-a-Lago beach resort in Florida.


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